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Surene D. AvatarSurene D.
I started using the GF2 Spray from Thoclor Labs about 2 months ago. I absolutely love this product and I could see the difference within the first week of using it. My skin looks smoother and radiant, it really helps to reduce the redness of my face. GF2 has become a part of my daily routine that I can not go with out. I would highly recommend it to family and friends! - 06/07/2023 
Leigh H. AvatarLeigh H.
I started using GF2 4 months ago and it has completely changed my skin. I have had a sensitive skin my whole life and this has changed it completely. No longer do I have a dry red skin with break outs.
I recommend every woman to use this in their daily skin routine, especially women over 40. Love this product am totally obsessed. Thank you. - 12/12/2022 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Kay D. AvatarKay D.
Amazing service and product! My daughter introduced me to Thoclor three years ago, after she had plasma fibroblast on her face, within days her face was healed thanks to Thoclor. I am 78 years old…and I have always had pretty good skin and have taken care of my every day skin routine.
However, after using GF2, immediately I saw results, a brighter looking skin, smoother and just glowing. I would not go anywhere without it and if I accidently leave it off, through rushing my morning skin routine, I can immediately feel the difference.
People stop me in the street and ask what do I use on my face!! That in itself says it all.
Thoclor have brilliant products and what’s more they really do work, I’ve used number GF1 and the wound care for healing after surgeries.. so has my husband… all amazing…
Plus their deliveries are always so punctual. - 05/12/2022 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Marieta C. AvatarMarieta C.
I want to commend you on an incredible product.⁠
I used GF1 for a deep laser treatment for Melasma. The recovery time for this treatment is usually 5-7 days. ⁠
By day 3 I was completely healed and on day 4 my rough skin had sloughed off. ⁠
I am very fair-skinned and I usually take a bit longer with recovery times. ⁠
I also used it for a plasma pen treatment. We applied it multiple times during the day after the treatment. I had minimal inflammation and zero pain and the scabs had fallen off by day 5.⁠
We then did the follow-up treatment, but my product was finished by that time.⁠
This is where I actually realized how powerful your product is. I was in so much pain and had so much inflammation.⁠
I finally got around to getting a new bottle and within 24 hours the inflammation and swelling started going down and the pain became less and less.⁠
I truly want to encourage everyone who gets invasive treatments done, to invest in this. It makes the world of difference post-procedure. - 14/10/2022 
Amy AvatarAmy
My journey with Thoclor started when we had product training at my university in 2021. I knew I had to get my hands on a bottle of the GF2 after learning about these amazing products. I’ve always struggled with super sensitive skin, which was often aggravated and left VERY inflamed as we’re required to do practical treatments on each other as part of our course. The GF2 helped immensely with the sensitivity and inflammation after treatments.
I’ve recently been using it on the few eczema spots on my body, which have since cleared up almost completely (in less than 2 weeks!).
Other changes I’ve noted with my skin over the past year include a much healthier skin barrier resulting in less sensitivity and fewer breakouts, as well as a huge improvement in my pigmentation since my skin is able to better protect itself.
Forever grateful to have found this product, and I honestly believe everyone should have at least one in their bathroom cupboard! - 13/01/2022 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Anja AvatarAnja
This product is a miracle! I love the fact that it is 100% natural and South African produced!
It is a game changer with skin texture and hydration. My husband don’t have any rash after shaving anymore! Can’t do your daily skin routine without Thoclor! - 13/01/2022 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Kiran D. AvatarKiran D.
I found out about Thoclor via their Instagram page which was appealing to me. The images and information is very professional and intrigued me to find out more about how I could incorporate the brand into my business.
I messaged Thoclor asking where I could find some training on this. I was directed to a calendar where I could choose a time which suited me to book a training session.
I was honoured to have training with the man himself Dr Roos! An amazing presentation which described everything in detail. I was able to ask questions throughout which aided my understanding. Highly knowledgeable and experienced, Dr Roos informed me how I can access material to use on my social media platform and which patients would benefit from the products.

I highly recommend attending a training session for anyone interested in promoting this brand or using this within their practice. It’s uses and results are phenomenal. Dr Roos outlined the differences between GF1 and GF2 to ensure patient safety remains at the forefront of my practice.

Thankyou so much for your time and effort into providing training and access to marketing material. Also I appreciate contact details if i require help in the future.
Send Dr Roos to the UK so he can educate all other practitioners! - 13/12/2021 
Mariette C. AvatarMariette C.
Me and my teenagers cannot live without this amazing, calming product. Absolutely love it👌👌 - 02/09/2021 
Rukshana M. AvatarRukshana M.
GF1 has become our go to product for almost everything; burns, cuts and bruises. So I am an Optometrist and I developed conjunctivitis, I used GF1 and WOW, the fastest recovery ever. I now advice my patients to use. A friend got burnt with boiling water, she was in so much pain, we put some GF1 and in no time it stopped the burning feeling. after using a few times she never blistered or anything after. An amazing product. I now order in bulk. - 21/06/2021 
GF1 Aftercare
Stephny B. AvatarStephny B.
I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and sweat easily on my face....So imagine combining this with the recent heatwave at Swakopmund. Any moisturiser melts right off my skin. I've been using only Thoclor for the last week and my skin is completely moisturised! - 20/04/2021 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Karen B. AvatarKaren B.
GF1 is amazing to use after micro-needling and peels to reduce redness and to speed up recovery time! I can definitely recommend the use of GF1 before and after any skin treatments. It is an absolute lifesaver! - 21/02/2021 
GF1 Aftercare
Karen B. AvatarKaren B.
I am definitely addicted to GF2 ! My skin definitely looks brighter, more radiant, smooth and in general more healthy. Great customer service and very prompt delivery when ordering online. I can definitely recommend the product. - 21/02/2021 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Lizelle O. AvatarLizelle O.
Hierdie is n fantasties produk. My gesig het gedurig knoppies uit geslaan en dit het nie saak gemaak watse room ek gebruik nie.. kon dit nie weg kry nie.. Vandat ek die gf 2 gebruik is my vel so glad en al die knoppies is weg. Ek gebruik dit nou al so n maand lank. By ver die beste produk wat ek al ooit op my gesig gebruik het met duidelike sigbare resultate. - 29/12/2020 
Andrea AvatarAndrea
A fantastic product, and remarkable customer service. - 15/12/2020 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Samantha V.P. AvatarSamantha V.
O wow what a lovely product!I tend to have a red tone to my skin as well as acne scars from my youth.I have been using GF2 for about 6 weeks and I love it.My scars look so much better and my skin feels smoother.I would recommend this product 110%! - 20/11/2020 
GF2 Skin Rejuvenation
Karene T. AvatarKarene T.
I started using GF2 some time ago. It is absolutely amazing. I can see a big difference in my skin especially around my eyes. I will definitely buy it again. So happy with the results. Really amazing! - 19/11/2020 
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